We are proud to announce we have upgraded our services to provide our clients with exactly what they need and covet. Bookkeeping & CFO Solutions 5280 is introducing two upgraded services in the form of our Fractional CFO and Virtual Executive Assistant services. If you own or manage a business of any type, you can benefit from a fractional CFO. Our Virtual Executive Assistant also has the potential to take your business to new heights. Plenty of businesses can benefit from both of these upgraded services, regardless of their unique industry, niche or number of employees.

Services That Help You get Back to Running Your Business

You only have so much time to spend working. Adding full-time in-house employees with salaries, benefits and other perks might not be an option because it is egregiously expensive, requires a lengthy onboarding process and is not guaranteed to result in ongoing employment. Instead, consider the merits of a Fractional CFO and Virtual Executive Assistant.

Take a moment to think about how you spend your typical workday. If you are like most business owners and managers, you don’t get as much done as you’d like. What matters most is that you are liberated to focus on your business, doing what you do best while the rest of your team focuses on their strengths. Our virtual executive and administrative services embrace work on your behalf, providing ongoing support so you are free to work your magic.

This is your opportunity to outsource administrative tasks, calendar management, scheduling, communication, travel planning, proofreading, editing and more. Our team has decades of experience providing executives, business owners and managers with professional support. Tap into the power of our Virtual Executive Assistant and you will agree it really does make a meaningful impact on the amount of work completed and the efficiency at which that work is performed.

The Benefits of a Fractional CFO

Every growing business needs a CFO. The question is whether your company is going to pay an egregious salary and benefits to a conventional in-house CFO who might not be interested in working for you across the long haul. Alternatively, if you were to tap into the expertise of a high-level accountant with executive experience who works as a Fractional CFO, your company would be able to continue growing with a true financial expert leading the way, albeit in a fractional manner that keeps your overhead costs in check. This is exactly what your business needs to get the most out of your data, understand the financial side of your business and ultimately take your company to new heights without eating away at the bottom line.

Fractional CFO services are different from those provided by a regular CFO in that the guidance, analysis and expertise is provided part-time and off-site. This is your opportunity to outsource high level accounting projects to the specialists. Your Fractional CFO will create detailed financial reports tailored to your business. This professional monitors company cash flow, prepares the company’s monthly budget, performs in-depth analysis and generates highly specialized reports tailored to each individual client. Once the end of the year rolls around, your Fractional CFO’s assistance will prove vitally important. This professional number cruncher will ensure your company’s books are tax-ready. Your Fractional CFO will even work directly with your CPA to ensure your yearly tax filings are perfect down to the very last detail.

So don’t bother investing weeks or months searching for a costly full-time traditional CFO who might not stay with your business for more than a year. Instead, choose our Fractional CFO service available on-demand as your company needs it. We don’t abandon our clients. Our team is reliable, affordable and highly effective.