Your POS system is your front line in your business. Your POS system keeps track of your sales transactions as they are happening in real time. There are many great POS systems on the market now for Restaurants, Salons and Specialty Shops. Many can be run on mobile and tablet devices and they do a great job of keeping track of your sales, sales tax and other items like your discounts and tips.

In the past, once transactions went through the POS system at the time of sale, they would have to be manually entered into your accounting software system, systems like Quickbooks Online or Xero. Data like your sales summaries, cash drawer totals, sales tax, and more would have to be manually entered. This took time and the chance for error was higher because of the volume of data.

These days you can automatically sync your POS system directly with your accounting software so everything moves back and forth between the POS system and your accounting software without having to be manually entered. This process usually will move seamlessly behind the scenes without you having to touch it much once you have it set up to sync properly.

Once your sync is up and running smoothly, your experienced bookkeeper will reconcile the accounts at month’s end to ensure everything came over perfectly from the POS. Bringing your data into your accounting software system helps you to keep track of sales taxes, tips payable to employees and your Profit and Loss. Ensure you have an experienced bookkeeper on your team to help set-up your sync, reconciliations at month end and most importantly your monthly financial statements.

Not only do we have over 15 years experience supporting small businesses in becoming their most successful. At Bookkeeping Solutions 5280, we are experienced in POS system integration and ensuring your POS and accounting systems are set-up and running properly!

Bookkeeping may not be your thing, but it is ours. We do what we love, so you can focus on what you love!