Most people know what a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is yet few understand the role of a Fractional CFO. Fractional CFOs guarantee compliance with the generally accepted accounting principles or GAAP for short.

This executive-level professional provides assistance and overarching guidance with:

  • Financial modeling
  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow
  • Creating financial statements

Lean on our Fractional CFO for guidance and you’ll enjoy the benefits of tax-ready books long with essential assistance for annual tax filings. Here’s a closer look at the value of our Fractional CFO service.

Why Choose a Fractional CFO Over a Full-time CFO?

As time progresses, more business owners are bypassing costly full-time CFOs in favor of Fractional CFO services like those offered by Bookkeeping & CFO Solutions 5280. However, the reduced financial expense of Fractional CFO service is only one of the many reasons why businesses are taking this path that was once considered an unconventional route.

A Fractional CFO works hand-in-hand with each client’s CPA on all relevant projects including those onerous yearly tax filing projects. This is the on-demand service every business owner and manager needs and deserves.

A part-time CFO invests the time necessary to develop an accurate understanding of your business, tailoring service and fully customized solutions accordingly. Meet with our team and you’ll find we do more than merely learn about your unique industry. Our Fractional CFO takes a deep dive into the numbers, performing in-depth analysis to provide your business with the individualized support necessary to save money and operate with the utmost efficiency.

Does a Fractional CFO Make Sense for Your Business?

If you own or manage a small-to-medium size business, you will greatly benefit from the service provided by a Fractional CFO. Whether your business is a fresh startup or in the midst of a growth spurt, you undoubtedly lack the finance staff necessary to crunch the numbers necessary for success.

It simply does not make sense to pay an egregiously large salary to a full-time CFO or an entire team of finance professionals, especially when a comparably affordable Fractional CFO is available. The guidance and foresight of a Fractional CFO prevents the costly addition of accountants and other financial professionals who have the potential to leave for potentially greener pastures at the drop of a dime.

Other businesses choose a Fractional CFO as they find it difficult to forecast the business’s financial future. In many cases, there is a justified fear that failing to generate accurate financial reports will compromise growth. If you are struggling to calculate or analyze complex financial figures, data, tax requirements, standards for reporting or other numbers-related nuances, don’t panic. Lean on a Fractional CFO for guidance and you’ll be liberated to focus on your strengths.

Fill the Talent and Experience Gap

Small businesses and startups face the challenge of filling open roles with cost efficiency. There is an ongoing competition for “rainmaker” talent and experienced employees yet there is no guarantee those additions will remain with the enterprise. Instead of rolling the dice on a potentially unreliable new hire, opt for a Fractional CFO for rock-solid guidance that ultimately helps your business grow and fulfill its true potential. A Fractional CFO’s experience and talent sets the stage for prudent financial decision-making based on facts and figures as opposed to gut instinct.

This professional understands the idiosyncrasies of:

  • KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Financial reports
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial forecasting
  • Plenty more

Let your Fractional CFO develop financial modeling unique to your business and create accurate financial statements on your behalf. You’ll rest easy knowing your numbers are perfectly sound. The best part is our Fractional CFO service is highly flexible, meaning we tailor executive-level service to your business in accordance with the rate at which you scale as well as your unique financial projects.

From raising capital to navigating audits, implementing new systems and identifying key financial pain points for timely remedy, our Fractional CFO embraces all challenges.

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