One thing the pandemic has forced us to do is get really good at working remotely. We have learned that most of our office jobs can be performed offsite, saving the company space and money in the long run. Outsourcing and utilizing virtual services as part of your company’s team is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Virtual outsourced bookkeepers will save your company money and are more efficient than an onsite office bookkeeper, making a virtual outsourced bookkeeper someone you must have on your small business team.

We have been offering our outsourced virtual bookkeeping services virtually to small businesses for over a decade so have become the pros at virtual bookkeeping.

How a Virtual Outsourced Bookkeeper Saves You Money

Hiring a full or part time bookkeeper onsite can be costly. They need office space, office equipment and ongoing office supplies. You also pay all of their employment taxes, benefits and paid time off if offered by your company. Onsite staff is paid a flat hourly or salary rate which means they get paid whether there is work to do or not. How often do you see employees chit chatting or doing things other than working? You are paying for all that time.

Bookkeeping is one of the jobs on your team that is perfect for the virtual world. Virtual outsourced bookkeeping services allow you to only pay for the time worked, skip paying all the time off and benefits and require no office supplies, equipment or space.

Professional and experienced virtual bookkeepers maintain their own professional office space and utilize their own office supplies and equipment. You never pay virtual bookkeepers for time off, for company benefits or time when the work flow is low.

Why Virtual Bookkeepers Are More Efficient

Virtual outsourced bookkeepers bill only for the actual time spent working on a task. Virtual bookkeepers don’t have the constant interruptions that happen in an office setting so are able to be dedicated and focused only at the task at hand. This results in less time taken on each task.

All of the bookkeepers at Bookkeeping Solutions 5280, LLC are highly experienced and qualified so perform tasks in an extremely efficient and streamlined manner. Our bookkeepers on average take 30-40% less time to perform the exact same tasks performed by an in office bookkeeper because of their experience and ability to be laser focused on the task at hand.

You Need a Virtual Bookkeeper On Your Team

If you are a small business and are still attempting to manage the books yourself you are in need of an outsourced virtual bookkeeper. You probably did not open your business because you were passionate about accounting and bookkeeping. If you are like most small business owners you dread doing your books and often are behind are not able to put effort into the books on a regular and ongoing basis. You also probably don’t have an accounting degree or years of experience in accounting and bookkeeper. The biggest loss to your business with this approach is your ability to have timely and accurate financial reporting. Utilizing accurate financial reporting will help you increase profits, increase efficiency and help you with cost reduction. You have relevant and timely information about your cash flow and are regularly comparing your actual numbers to your budget. This allows you to make better business decisions to help your business grow and thrive. Without timely and relevant financial data, you are unable to properly make business decisions to increase your bottom line. You need to free up your time to focus on your passion and expertise, YOUR BUSINESS!

A virtual outsourced bookkeeper is regularly updating and managing your books. Depending on your business type your outsourced accounting team is providing weekly or at minimum monthly financial reporting so you know where your business stands. Scheduling monthly virtual financial review meetings with your outsourced accountant and bookkeeper helps you understand your numbers and make educated decisions on how to grow your business.

If you do not have a virtual outsourced bookkeeper on your team, stop wasting time and talk to us today. We provide a free consultation to you where we will go over where you currently stand and how to improve your bookkeeping and financial reporting for your business in the future.